My focus is to place you in homes where you will be happy and can exercise your creative abilities. We are passionate about the importance of mental health. We listen strongly to what type of client you want. Whether it’s short term, long term, nutrition driven or a specific cuisine, it’s imperative to get the little details right so you and the client have a positive working relationship.

Bilingual preferred, experienced, private Chef who is able to use high-quality seasonal ingredients to prepare and cook healthy & delicious in a private home. Take full charge of the culinary services for the family. This exciting position will allow for creativity, shaping of the food program and the kitchen. Flexibility to travel often is a requirement.


Guess what? I don’t care about your resume, there I said it! That’s just one of the many things that separates our agency from the rest.

Anyone can look good on paper, but I want to know the real you. Yes,I need to know your previous experience, but I care more about what your strengths, what you love to do, and what you’re looking for in a work environment.

If you don’t have a resume send me a brief history of your work experience, your highlights, and anything that will sell you. I would also like to know your hobbies, and what you’ve disliked about working with clients in the past. For instance, my dislikes are cheffing on yachts and working with multiple children. I prefer adult centered families. It’s okay, too, for you to disclose this kind of information. The more I know about you, the more longevity I can get you with a client, your forever kitchen.

All clients are selected by referral basis only, I do not advertise and I spend considerable time getting to know the client and their history with chefs before I take them on. I want to protect my chefs by assuring you’re in a safe and happy environment, because I believe in quality over quantity.

Let’s get you hired.