About Chef Maggie and Sky High Chef

About Chef Maggie
and Sky High Chef

About Chef Maggie

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Houston Baptist University, Maggie Glaser moved to Miami for a Public Relations internship. After dabbling in communications and sales for a few years she realized she wasn’t passionate about it and felt unfulfilled. After some soul searching, she recognized the only subject that ever held her attention was cooking.

Always the one to push herself, Maggie took action and enrolled in Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Miami. A whole new world opened up, she was consumed with a drive she had never felt before and cooking became her core focus. The good, the bad, the ugly . . . Maggie embraced it all.

After graduating from culinary school, she interned in a prominent Miami restaurant. Throughout that experience, under the mentorship and guidance of Chef Dena Marino, she found her niche: she wanted to work in a private setting. Maggie learned that her special talent was connecting people with food, and wanted to do it on a personal level. A year later, she landed a job opportunity to meal prep for basketball legend Pat Riley and his wife Chris.  

Chef Maggie spent two consecutive off-seasons in Miami with Alvin Kamara, a well-known NFL running back for the New Orleans Saints. She has also meal prepped and cooked for players from the Houston Rockets, LA Chargers, San Francisco 49ers and more, focusing on nutrition and helping clients create a lifestyle that includes mindful eating and modern food culture. When she’s not feeding the appetite of some of the nation’s greatest athletes, she is cooking for busy influential professionals. 

After living in Miami for 15 years, Maggie is now based in her hometown of Houston, she provides private chef services in the surrounding areas and will also travel anywhere for clients. Chef Maggie has collective experience from Aspen, to Maui and also summers in Cape Cod.

About Sky High Chef

While Chef Maggie can’t be everywhere, she has curated a roster of top talented chefs who can provide the Sky High Chef experience anywhere in the world. 

Chef Maggie and her team can provide the following private chef services:

  • Short term or long-term private chef services 
  • Host up to 12 people for an event 
  • Wine tasting and pairings 
  • Curated spirit tastings 
  • Vacation rentals 
  • Yacht charters
  • Meal prep is available for existing clients only 

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